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Secure Your DEVONthink Databases

January 12, 2010 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

And if you are, and you should be, interested in security, here’s a tip for you: DEVONthink Pro databases are, for various reasons, unencrypted, e.g. to let Spotlight access the files for indexing. To encrypt a database with industry-strength encryption create an encrypted disk image using Disk Utility and put your DEVONthink Pro database on it.

To open the database you now need to mount the disk image and enter the password you used to create it. If you make an alias of the database and place it on your Desktop the Finder even mounts the disk image automatically when you double-click the alias to open the database.

For even more security (by obscurity) you can even hide the disk image. To keep the disk image icon appear on your desktop when you mount it, open the Terminal and enter:

setfile -a V /Volumes/Foo

(replace ‘Foo’ with the name of your disk image; put the name from /Volumes through Foo in double-quotes if the name contains spaces). Press the Return key when done. Thank you to Trev Copland for this nice tip!