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30. April 2020

Wie Rose DEVONthink benutzt

Wir lieben Rosemary Orchard und Scott Jacksons Produktivitäts-Podcast Nested Folders. In der zweiten Episode, die wir gesponsert haben, spricht Scotty mit Rose darüber, wie sie DEVONthink einsetzt, um ihre Projekte, Studien, Referenzmaterialien und ganz allgemein ihr Leben zu organisieren. (mehr)

2. April 2020

Wie Scotty DEVONthink benutzt

Wir lieben Rosemary Orchard und Scott Jacksons Produktivitäts-Podcast Nested Folders. Deshalb haben wir zwei Bonus-Episoden gesponsert. Die erste war gerade live zu hören. Rose interviewte Scotty über seine Anfänge mit DEVONthink, wie er seine ersten Datenbanken eingerichtet hat, und wie er es nun zur Organisation seiner Dateien, seines Referenzmaterials und dem Rest seines Lebens verwendet. (mehr)

14. Januar 2020

Aktionen vs. Referenzen

In Folge 12 ihres Podcasts Nested Folders diskutieren Rosemary Orchard und Scott Jackson den Unterschied zwischen Aktionen und Referenzmaterial und wie man mit beiden sinnvoller Weise umgeht. Rose erläutert, wie sie DEVONthink verwendet, um ihre Materialien zu verwalten. (mehr)

27. Oktober 2017

Mac Geek Gab Mentions DEVONthink and Other Needful Things

Our friends at MacObserver mentioned DEVONthink, EasyFind, and more again in their excellent Mac Geek Gab podcast, episode 679:

Quick Tips, Cool Stuff Found, High Sierra, and KRACK are the topics today, but that means you’re in for a real treat. The goal is for everyone to learn at least four (4!) new things, but today you’re guaranteed to learn a whole lot more. (mehr)

19. Januar 2016

DEVONthink and DEVONagent in the Blogs and Podcasts

It’s time again to share three great mentioning of our products. Writer and blogger Ben Elijah shares his experiences with productivity tools and habits and says about DEVONthink:

DEVONthink is, in my ways, the epitome of the ideal info dump. You can drag pretty much any kind of file into the app and it will make sense of it. […] DEVONthink’s secret weapon: the “See Also & Classify” function. When you select an item in your DEVONthink database and enable See Also & Classify, you will see a dossier of items which relate to whatever you’ve selected. This can include any file type. It’s a game-changer. (mehr)

14. April 2015

Mac Power Users Episode 251

In their excellent podcast Mac Power Users, Katie Floyd and David Sparks talk about everything that helps you to become a true Mac power user. In episode 251 they are joined by Gabe Weatherhead to spend an information-packed hour purely on DEVONthink. Gabe is a long-time DEVONthink user and has also done a great a series of blog posts popup: true on our software. Thank you all three for this great show! (mehr)

7. April 2015

Brett Terpstra and Joel Anderson talk about tagging

In episode 128 popup: true of Brett Terpstra’s podcast Systematic, Joel Anderson, research lecturer in Philosophy at Utrecht in the Netherlands, joins Brett to talk about tagging:

It’s a nerdy subject that a lot of non-nerds are asking about these days, and one that I personally find fascinating. I hope you’ll enjoy hearing two people who’ve dedicated time and research to the topic debate the major benefits and pitfalls of tag-based systems!” … (mehr)

9. Januar 2014

Mac Power Users episode 169

David Sparks and Katie Floyd of Relay FMs’s Mac Power Users popup: true podcast talk about tools and workflows for professionals in episode 169 and also mention DEVONthink popup: true.

David and Katie talk to Dr. Jeffery Taekman, a physician, researcher and educator at Duke. Jeff takes us through his various workflows for getting work done in his profession including using his iPad in his medical practice. (mehr)