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DEVONthink To Go Reviewed and Listed

27. Dezember 2017 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

From time to time our products are mentioned in the media. Here are two articles this December that I found especially worth sharing with you:

At The Appadamic Jai Bentley-Payne reviews DEVONthink To Go in-depth from an academic viewpoint. Jai uses the iPad professionally in his academic work, and our applications have become key elements in his workflow. In his article he asks: “Is DEVONthink To Go worth buying if you are an iOS only user?”

Before I digress any further, I’m trying to provide some context (…) To view it as nothing more than a companion app for the macOS versions of DEVONthink would be a mistake. Sure, can be used like that. As far as companions go, it’s a particularly powerful one. The iOS version, however, can stand on its own. It is something of a category in itself, given its crossover functionality. (…)

Whether it is to act as a repository, a midway for automation, or to distill the need for multiple apps into one. There is a lot going on here. I’m not going to pretend it couldn’t be improved, but then DEVONtechnologies are nothing if not proactive in that regard.

Thank you, Jai! Read his more-than-complete review at The Appademic.

And if you’re using your iPad or iPhone for more than checking today’s Bitcoin price you shouldn’t miss Federico Viticci’s extensive list of must-have apps 2017. Federico is the founder of MacStories and went fully iOS-only last year. This year DEVONthink To Go was among part of his setup:

I use DEVONtechnologies’ app to store reference material for my articles and Club newsletters in the form of PDF documents and web clippings (as .webarchive files). As I explained on MacStories a few months ago, DEVONthink is an advanced file manager with terrific automation features for those who don’t want to waste time manually saving documents (of any kind) into specific folders. I keep a searchable database of all our Club newsletters in DEVONthink, and I regularly use workflows to archive webpages and screenshots in the app.

With iOS 11, DEVONthink has added support for drag and drop and Files, further speeding up how I can access and save documents from the app’s databases.

Federico was also extremely helpful and shared his experiences when we prepared our new features for iOS 11. Thank you Federico! Check his  at Must-have iOS apps, 2017 at MacStories.