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To Those Who Suffer

March 25, 2022 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

It’s now one month after the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine. Millions of Ukrainians are on the run, many millions more are seeking shelter, trying to survive another day in Mariupol, Odesa, Kyiv. In February, we already donated, and we hope that it helped at least a bit.

Symbolic picture of a bowl with food.

However, what happens in Europe at the moment is far larger than that. Human Rights Watch, among others, reports that hunger in East Africa is becoming worse as Ukraine stopped exports of wheat, sunflower oil, and more, to prevent a domestic humanitarian crisis. We talked to Germany’s branch of JAM and they confirm that their work, based on the principle “Helping Africa Help Itself”, has become a lot harder. The prices for necessary raw materials as well as fuel have increased, and fewer donations arrive.

Therefore, we decided to donate 10% of our March revenue to JAM Deutschland, who will use the funds to buy and distribute protein-rich food to severely malnourished children in Ethiopia and other countries in Africa. These children cannot just go back to eating normal food, but need a special build-up diet that we hope help provide.