About Us

In the 21st century people are drowning in information. Email, instant messaging, news feeds, and of course the web. A small group of developers has taken up the fight: us.

What We Do

Everyone Has a Mission — This is Ours

We are developing apps that tame the information flood, based on our own artificial intelligence technology. We all are Mac users by heart and are writing solely on the Mac and for macOS and iOS.

The Devonians

Who We Are, Where We Come From

Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann — President

Talk to Eric about marketing, documentation, and about everything the others (think that they) are not responsible for. He’s also DEVONthink To Go’s chief clacker.

Christian Grunenberg — Chief Engineer

Christian is the master mind behind our unique AI technology and our Mac apps. He’s developing software since the old Atari ST days and founded DEVONtechnologies with Eric.

Alan Edwards — Developer

Alan works with Christian and Eric on various parts of DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go. He lives in Devon, UK, because at least one of us has to.

Heike Volkmann — Sales

Heike gets your email. She’s our helping hand when things go wrong with your purchase. And she’s world-class in finding that license code you’ve lost.

Jim Neumann — Support

Jim made his compassion his profession: helping people. Meet him in support, our user community, and many other places.

Bonne Giese — Secretary

Bonne opens your letters and picks up the phone. And she’s the accounting goddess. Even the IRS loves her.

Aaron P. Volkmann — Student Assistant

When you read something in our blog, it might be Aaron’s work. He doesn’t make us coffee, though, as he works from remote.

We remember Bill DeVille (December 28, 1931 – March 25, 2017).

What We Have Developed

Yes, We Do Love Science

Devonian (after Devon County, England), the geologic period from 410 to 360 million years ago. Also called the Reptile Age or Age of Fishes. First amphibians appeared on the land, that until then was only inhabited by trees and other plants — it was the departure into a new age.

We’ve named our artificial intelligence (AI) technology after the Devonian as for us it marks the departure into a new age too.

All our commercial apps are based on this technology that allows us to manage huge numbers of documents. It analyzes them, compares them, and finds relationships between them in an instant. It’s scalable and language-independent.

How We Do Business

Quality Trumps Quantity

We take responsibility. We want to deliver both the best solutions and best-of-class service and support. At the same time our goal is to bring responsible action and responsibility for people and the environment together.

Our Business Principles
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