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Find helpful resources for making the most out of your DEVONtechnologies application. Talk to fellow users in the Community, and get personal assistance when you got stuck.

Inside the App

Use the Assistant, Read the Help

The support assistant is built right into the latest versions of our apps. Open it from the Help menu or right here:

Please note that the links above only work when being clicked on a Mac and with the respective app installed. Otherwise your browser will present you an error page.

Alternatively, read the help that comes with the app. Open it from the Help menu or download it as PDF or ebook.

On the Website

Check Our Questions and Answers

“Can I use DEVONthink also on iOS? Where are my databases located? And why isn’t sync working?” — We have collected commonly asked questions and carefully crafted answers for you on our Questions and Answers page.

In the Community

Meet Us Online

Join our lively user community. Meet our staff or post questions to your fellow users. Browse the categories or search for an answer.

You can also follow us on Mastodon, Instagram, or LinkedIn. We only cross-post to Twitter and no longer maintain a presence on Facebook.

In Person

Contact Our Support

If you still haven’t found the answer to your question, contact our support crew. We’re here to help.