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How to Save DEVONagent Results

April 9, 2024 — Jim Neumann
Screenshot of a DEVONagent agent search file.

In DEVONagent Pro, you can archive search results or send them to DEVONthink. But after closing the search, you no longer have access to those results. Of course, you can run the search again, but there is a more efficient way to return to them.

Open a new search window and run a search. If you like the results, choose File > Save As and save in a location you choose. This creates an .agentSearch file.

The .agentSearch file is essentially packaging the search results. It contains all the information about the search, including the results. Double-click it in the Finder and it will open in DEVONagent Pro with the same results as if you just did the search. You also regain access to the Digest, opening results in a browser window, etc. This means you can browse, examine, or archive the results whenever you need to, but without having to rerun the search.

The .agentSearch file also has a Quick Look preview, so you can select it in the Finder, press the space bar, and see a preview of the results. It even lets you use the results when you are offline, though any online stylesheets obviously won’t load.