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First Day on the Balcony and a New Beta

27. April 2010 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

Today I it was for the very first time this year warm and sunny enough for me to work on the balcony — the one balcony that gave this blog its name. People are sitting outside and are having a cup of coffee on my hometown’s market square. That’s how I should be!

Sun always makes me smile and so I decided that today was the day to post a second beta of our forthcoming iPhone and iPad application to our beta tester team. The new beta is faster, more reliable, and almost feature-complete. Also, as Apple won’t ship the iPad in Europe until the end of May (!), we have ordered an iPad for our tests in the US and it will be on its way to Germany within the next few days. So you can bet on what we’ll add next to the app.