Make Your Mac Smarter

DEVONsphere for Mac

Whatever you're working on, DEVONsphere always keeps data ready that might be useful to you in this very moment — that Numbers documents buried deep inside DEVONthink, the email message you've already archived, or the web page you've visited months ago. Get inspired, follow yet untrodden paths, create something new.

DEVONsphere lets you discover the hidden connections between seemingly unrelated items. Whatever you are currently doing on your Mac, reach out to DEVONsphere in the menu bar to see related items on your computer or on the web. Explore further. Rinse and repeat.

DEVONsphere keeps an eye on your files.

DEVONsphere finds precisely the items you’re looking for on your Mac. If it’s there, you’ll know in no time. Switch from context to search mode and use advanced Boolean operators (like in high-end databases, DEVONthink, and DEVONagent), wildcards, and parentheses to narrow your search. Easily navigate the results, view thumbnails, get previews, or open them.

Search or explore. Your choice.

Adjust DEVONsphere to search only the categories relevant to you. Change filters on demand so you don’t waste your valuable time with the less important stuff.

Discover unexpected connections.

DEVONsphere extends your Mac with its artificial intelligence and makes it available without making you change your workstyle. It’s always available from the menu bar or via Services and works with almost all your apps.

For me context is the key — from that comes the understanding of everything.

Kenneth Noland