“Teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theatre.” So says Gail Godwin. While we can’t tell you much about your live performance we have the right tools to facilitate the preparation part. It can even be fun!


Build the Base

The better the texts, pictures, and diagrams are that you hand out to your students the easier it is for them to follow the lesson and to recapitulate later. DEVONthink makes collecting materials easy, GTD® style.

Wherever the material comes from, one click later it’s in your inbox without interrupting your workflow.


Broaden Your Knowledge

If you don’t have enough material for a lesson, start (re)searching on the web with DEVONagent Pro. Get smart text summaries without all the noise that, in most cases, are all you need. Review the results and instantly send the good ones to your DEVONthink inbox.

You decide where to search and what to look for, DEVONagent Pro does the tedious part of the work for you.


Get Ready for Class

Prepare your lesson by organizing your material so that it is most helpful. Use groups or smart tags, or both, to keep clippings, notes, bookmarks, and other files for an article together. You can even add items to multiple lessons using replicants. Find other related data on your computer using DEVONsphere Express.

DEVONthink assists you by analyzing your data, suggesting tags or group, and showing you related documents.

Don’t carry piles of books and papers to the classroom or lecture hall. Your iPad and DEVONthink To Go let you take your whole library with you without causing you back pains.


Share Your Materials

Write your papers as rich text documents or formatted notes. Fullscreen mode helps you stay focused. Add references to other documents in DEVONthink using automatic Wiki-style links or by manually adding links to web pages. Publish your “personal Wiki” as mini website and share it with your students.

Sharing your carefully prepared materials with your students is easy with DEVONthink.


Stay Organized at All Times

Teaching is not just teaching. It’s also a lot of organization and administration. Save your attendee lists, schedules, and other tabular data in sheets in DEVONthink. Link to address book cards and create to-dos in your favorite task manager.

Add documents as tasks to OmniFocus, Things, Calendar, or Reminders with a single click.

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