DEVONthink Editions

DEVONthink’s solid functionality set is complemented by a range of features that you can unlock by choosing or upgrading to the Pro or Server edition. Here’s a quick comparison of what you will find in the three editions.

Standard Pro Server
Encrypted databases
Universal item links
Hierarchical tagging
Reading List
See Also
Smart groups & smart rules
Making scans searchable (OCR)
Scanner integration
Image Capture support
Imprinting for PDFs and images
Email archiving
Download Manager
Grouping similar items
Custom metadata
Form views
Bookends integration
Web interface

Scanning & OCR

Make Your Office Paperless

Scan documents with any Image Capture compatible scanner directly from within DEVONthink Pro and Server.

Scan your letters, brochures, documents, and make them searchable with OCR. DEVONthink Pro and Server directly integrates with any scanner supported by Image Capture and recognizes scans sent to it from known scan applications such as ScanSnap Home, ExactScan, or VueScan.

Scans can be automatically rotated and de-skewed. The built-in OCR is based on the ABBYY FileReader for Mac engine.


Stamp and Number Your Documents

Create your own stamps for adding to PDFs or images.

Create stamps that you regularly use and quickly imprint your PDFs or images with them. Build smart rules that automatically add stamps to documents, e.g., new serial numbers.

Use custom fonts, colors, styles, and placements to stamp your documents exactly how and where you want. Placeholders let you insert anything from the date to Bates numbers or custom metadata.

Email Archiving

Your Correspondence in One Place

Archive your email correspondence in DEVONthink Pro or Server. Send messages or whole mailboxes directly from Apple Mail to DEVONthink or use the email archive tool. It lets you import messages from other email applications such as Microsoft Outlook or directly from UNIX mailboxes.

The archived messages are stored in their original file format and can be viewed and searched from within DEVONthink.

Recent changes in Outlook might prevent you from importing email. Please have a look our FAQ for details.

Web Interface

Work Efficiently in a Team

Let team members work with your databases, whether they use a Mac, Windows, or Linux.

DEVONthink Server allows you to share your databases on the local network with your teammates. Let them browse and search documents, add new files, or even organize your collection. All they need is a current web browser on their Mac, PC, or even tablet.

Individual permissions for each user and database clearly define what they can do and what not. The number of users is not limited and not tied to the number of seats in the license.

Connections are secured with SSL/TLS and can be made available across the internet using, e.g., port forwarding or a VPN.