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App Store

Where do I find DEVONthink for Mac?

Why is an app not available in my country?


Do I need DEVONthink on the Mac too?

Why can't I sync via USB?


How do I activate or deactivate a seat?

Why am I missing features I purchased?


Can I use Alfred, Launchbar, Hazel, etc. with DEVONthink?

Can I use DEVONthink for Mac also on iOS?

Can I use my scanner with DEVONthink?

Can we put databases on a file server for our team?

Does DEVONthink copy my files and can I delete the originals?

Do I have to worry about "corrupting" my databases?

Do I have to worry about getting "locked in"?

Do I need to make more than one database?

How big can my DEVONthink database be?

How can we use DEVONthink together in our team?

How do I completely uninstall an app?

How do I scan with my ScanSnap scanner?

How do I switch from application X to DEVONthink?

Where are my DEVONthink databases?

Where does DEVONthink backup my databases?

Which is the right edition of DEVONthink for me?

Why can't I import from Evernote?

Why is Mail saying DEVONthink's plugin is incompatible?

Why should I give your applications Full Disk Access?


Can't I use sync for backups?

Can I use multiple Dropbox accounts?

Can I use OneDrive, Google Drive, …?

Do I have to sync whole databases?

How do I switch sync methods?

How safe is my data during a sync?

I have lost my encryption key. Can you recover it?

What is CloudKit and should I switch to it?