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August 24, 2023

Lyndon Drake’s Road to DPhil

Photography of Lyndon Drake wearing his academic dress and holding his certificate of graduation.
Lyndon Drake, happy to receive his second doctorate, this time in Theology from Oxford.

Lyndon Drake received his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Theology: Congratulations! We are honored to be part of his journey, since DEVONthink gave him a helping hand with his academic work. Here we share some of his thoughts and tips with you. (more)

June 14, 2022

All Hands Hoy with DEVONthink

Old photograph of Hartmut as a child, paddling on the water with a girl in an aluminum boat.
An aluminum aerial delivery unit left behind by the Americans in 1945 became the ship in which young Hartmut daringly set sail with a companion.

More than 50 ships in 46 years. More than a lifetime of stories and encounters, but also changes. With the digitalization of seafaring, DEVONthink found its way into the life of chief engineer Hartmut Kellner. He takes us on a journey through the adventures of his life. (more)