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1. Oktober 2007

DEVONbaby No. 2: Welcome, Kristián Karas

Four years after the release of DEVONbaby No. 1 on October 1, 2003, we’ve today, September 30, 2007, released DEVONbaby No 2 — Yesterday morning at 05:30 CET, Kristián Karas was born in Budweis, CZ, son of our head developer Christian Grunenberg and his wife Hana Karasová. So, please, no complaints that we’re unable to plan ahead, or that we miss deadlines. Kristián weighs 3870g, and both mother and child are tired but healthy and well. Again, we expect no further updates as Kristián was already delivered as bug-free as such a product could ever be. We all here at DEVONtechnologies welcome our new global citizen and wish Kristián, Hana, and Christian all the best for their new life as a family. — Eric, Annard, and Bill

29. Dezember 2006

Happy Birthday, Bill

The whole DEVONtechnologies team wishes Bill DeVille all the best for his 75th birthday. Enjoy your wonderfully prepared and tasty Hallelujah Crab at Juban’s (Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.A.), Bill!

Yours Eric Boehnisch-Volkmann & the DEVONtechnologies team