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30. Januar 2024

Wie Zugangsdaten für Datenbanken funktionieren

Bildschirmfoto, auf dem ein Authentifizierungfeld in DEVONthink To Go zu sehen ist.

In den Datenbank-Eigenschaften in DEVONthink gibt es die Felder Benutzer und Passwort. Es sieht so aus, als würden diese Felder den Zugriff auf eine Datenbank einschränken, das ist allerdings nicht ganz richtig. Hier erfahren Sie, wofür sie eigentlich gedacht sind. (mehr)

8. Juni 2022

Wie Sie Speicherorte benutzen

Bildschirmfoto, auf dem die Synchronisierungseinstellungen von DEVONthink zu sehen sind.

Geht es um die Synchronisierung von DEVONthink oder DEVONthink To Go, sind Leute manchmal unsicher, wie sie die Speicherorte einrichten sollen. Wenn Sie eine Synchronisierung über iCloud verwenden, gibt es nur eine Option: alle Datenbanken synchronisieren mit dem gleichen Speicherort, iCloud. Falls Sie jedoch eine andere Option für die Synchronisierung verwenden, haben Sie mehrere Möglichkeiten. (mehr)

28. April 2015

Use Dropbox to Sync with Friends

If you are collaborating with others and using Dropbox as a DEVONthink sync location (never putting your database in a Dropbox or automatically cloud-synced folder), it is not possible to sync between Dropbox accounts. This means you need to have a shared account where everyone using the sync data will need to know the name and password to access it. This can create a problem because you would be giving everyone access to the whole account! (mehr)

11. April 2013

Spring Updates, Part One

“Alles neu macht der Mai,” Germans are saying. We do it already in April! We have just released maintenance updates for all three editions of DEVONthink as well as for DEVONnote. The update improves the reliability of synchronization, clipping with the Clip To DEVONthink browser extension as well as the bookmarklets, and many other parts of the apps. If you’re using the new web interface of DEVONthink Pro Office you’ll like that we have made it a lot faster. (mehr)

28. Februar 2013

DEVONthink 2.5 is Here with Syncing and Web Sharing

Using multiple computers, working from different places, sharing data with coworkers: In today’s highly connected world it’s essential to always have access to the latest data. And because we know that, of course, we worked hard on creating the most versatile yet robust synchronization technology and rewriting the build-in web server of DEVONthink Pro Office. (mehr)

19. Dezember 2012

Last Betas Before Christmas

Christmas is near but we have worked up to the last minute to provide you with the latest builds before we switch off our Macs and spend some relaxing days with our families. Public beta 3 of our sync technology fixes a few minor but annoying bugs and public beta 4 of the web sharing plugin improves the whole user experience.

14. Dezember 2012

Syncing and Web Sharing Explained

In the recent weeks we have released both DEVONthink’s new sync feature as well as a rewritten web interface for DEVONthink Pro Office as public betas via my blog. If you installed the plugins but are still unsure if you really exploit their potential check out our two new screencasts. Thirteen minutes well spent. Ray demonstrates how you can work on one database with multiple users on the local network and how you set up sync locations, e.g Dropbox, and keep your databases synchronized on all your machines. (mehr)