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4. Juli 2019

Überprüfen Sie die Texterkennung

OCR ist eine Technologie, die die Pixel in einem Bild oder PDF betrachtet und versucht herauszufinden, welche Buchstaben und Zahlen sie repräsentieren. Diese Zeichen legt sie dann in eine Textebene unterhalb des Originalbildes, so dass das Dokument unverändert erscheint, aber nun maschinell durchsuchbar ist. Sie können die Genauigkeit der Texterkennung überprüfen, in dem Sie das PDF auswählen und einen Blick auf die Konkordanz werfen. (mehr)

24. Januar 2017

Adjust Your PDFs

Recently, we had a customer expressing a desire to have black-and-white PDFs. Our head developer, Christian, suggested running a Quartz filter on them. When you export out of Apple’s Preview, you have the option of applying a Quartz filter to adjust the output. (mehr)

17. Januar 2017

Batch Print E-Mail Messages to PDF

DEVONthink Pro Office stores email messages in their original formats. If you want to keep your messages in an easier to handle file format one option is to ‘print’ them to PDF and keep the PDF instead. Converting hundreds or even thousands of messages manually is a painful process, however. But, as long as Apple hasn’t killed Mac automation, there’s a solution for this: … (mehr)

5. Oktober 2016

Convert E-Books to PDF

ePub and Mobi (the Kindle format) are solid file formats for electronic books. But they are harder to handle than, e.g., PDF or plain text as they are designed for reading on an ebook reader. They are not really suited for using them inside other applications or for long-term archiving. (mehr)

22. September 2016

Print to PDF on iOS

iOS 10 comes with a great but somewhat hidden feature: Print to PDF. It allows you to save any document that you can print as a PDF and send it by email or clip it to DEVONthink To Go.

In the Share sheet from any app choose Print. The print preview dialog appears. Now instead of printing “pinch” on the print preview like just as if you’d want to enlarge it. It opens — now as a PDF — in a separate dialog. Choose Share again and send it anywhere you like. (mehr)

29. September 2015

Create Links to a Paragraph in a PDF

DEVONthink allows you to get a link to a selected page in a PDF document (Edit > Copy Page Link, hold ⇧Shift to show this open). Power user Chen Guo has created the open-source tool Excerptor that goes even further and  links directly to selected text. (mehr)

18. August 2015

Search that Screen Capture

Following up on last week’s post, if you are following along at home, we now have screen captures going directly to DEVONthink as PDF files. However, these PDF files are merely images, ie. not searchable. (mehr)

11. August 2015

Annotate Screen Captures in DEVONthink

Have you ever used those fancy screen capture applications that allow you to annotate on a screen capture? When you take screenshots as PDFs you can easily annotate them in DEVONthink:

Now when you make your screen capture, you will end up with a PDF. Select the PDF in DEVONthink and add notes, arrows, even links. (mehr)

21. Dezember 2010

Search PDFs and More with DEVONagent

One of the new features introduced with DEVONagent 3 is the ability to not only search HTML pages and news feeds but also PDF, PostScript, OpenOffice, Oracle Open Office, and Microsoft Word documents. To make DEVONagent search also these other document types, expand the search window, switch to the Settings tab, and select the file types you want to search in the Files area. Then run your search. PDF and other documents show a little file type icon in the Results list. (mehr)

27. Mai 2008

Batch Convert PDFs with OCR

If you want to import a batch of scanned PDFs without converting them to searchable PDFs right away, e.g. because you want to run the time-consuming OCR process later, you can easily do so. Import the files, e.g. to a group “To OCR”. Later, make sure to check Preferences > OCR > Original Document > Move to Trash, select all the documents, and convert them in one batch using Data > Convert > To Searchable PDF. This replaces the selected scanned PDFs with searchable copies and deletes the original file in one batch.